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Wednesday, 10 November 2010 07:17

Rangers Survival Craft has finally decided after much deliberation to use the new AX338 by the UK company, Accuracy International for its main long range riflemanship platform. This will add to the Sako TRG22 308, and the Remington TTR 308 that we currently use up to 900 yards. We feel that after looking at all the specs of what is currently available, that the brand new AX338 platform by Accuracy offers the best all round advantages of any 338 on the market.


Marcus is currently in the process of taking his armoury exams to allow RSC to become an Accuracy International dealer here in Italy. Having talked at length with Graeme Clarke (thank you for your patience!) for Accuracy Europe about what the AX338 has to offer, deliberating over spec sheets and the results of one of our partners attendance at the Shot Show in Las Vegas, we are now convinced that the AX338 has many benefits over its competitors. At RSC we believe the AX338 to be a highly advanced long range platform that fully fits all of our criteria.


The things we like are the:

Free floating barrels are in a variety of lengths, twists and calibres – however we have opted for the 27 inch match grade version;
Ease of use of barrel changing without the use of an armourer, with the simple use of just a couple of Accuracy International tools – this is advantageous for a quick change of barrel length for role specific purposes;
Rails are fitted on all AX rifles as standard, which allows for quick mounting of range finding, night vision and accessories. These can all be changed simply and quickly;
The trigger assembly again is an upgraded version from the AW series. Having a new trigger shoe for adjustments up to 1.3mm (0.5 inches), also the pull weights are adjustable from 1.5 to 2.0 kilos (3.3 to 4.4 lbs);
Everything on the rifle is built for ease of maintenance and the whole trigger assembly can be removed by quite simply by extracting two socket headed screws. In our estimation when working in hot and dusty environments it is vital that the trigger assembly is properly maintained and kept dust, dirt and sand free. This is a big plus;
Sling points are mounted not only on one side but on both. The two forward mounts can be moved into different positions easily. This is another nice touch;
Stock cheek piece is easily adjusted, and although a spring mounted version is available RSC has opted for the simpler option. We also decided on the adjustable stock pad, which works well on other rifles we have tested;
Rifle butt spike is extendable, which always makes sense when lying prone over long periods of time, as it takes out fatigue of target evaluation;
New stock is a master piece. For us at RSC the ease of carry is very important and this has been greatly improved over the AW. We have gone for the folding stock version and for the less fussy pistol grip configuration;
Magazine is now a 10 round capacity, double stack and with the new chassis it makes reloading mags quickly without raising the rifle. This has been achieved by widening and lengthening the existing action (CIP / SAAMI);
Battle proven bonded action of the AW has been yet improved with the action of the AX338 being permanently bonded and bolted to the stiff aluminium chassis, which eliminates movement;
According to Accuracy the modular bolt also has been greatly improved, which is even stronger and capable of coping with even higher temperatures than the AW.
Also for us buying and working with this very well regarded British manufacturer, has its own advantages in craftsmanship and build quality. At RSC we are eagerly awaiting the cataloguing in Italy and delivery of our new system for all of our students.
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